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YouBIM Certified Consultant Program

Welcome to the YouBIM Certified Consultant (YCC) program!

This program is designed to give you the skills and tools you’ll need to Implement your BIM models into YouBIM.


At the end of this course learn:

The ins and outs of YouBIM
How to work with clients to help them successfully go thru a full implementation process in YouBIM

Benefits of becoming a YCC

The first wave of BIM adoption occurred in the design community, architects and some engineers were first. Thereafter, BIM in construction came, and it has clearly been implemented by a good portion of Contractors. BIM for Facilities Management is coming behind, but it possesses a very tangible Return on Investment for the owners…and owners are starting to realize it. We are in front of a Blue Ocean of opportunities.  If you just think that the BIM market for Designers or for Contractors it’s just for the 2% or less of buildings on this planet…because it’s for buildings that are being designed and built. BIM for FM is for 100% of the buildings new and that 98% of existing buildings

Becoming a YCC will allow you to provide a new service to your clients and a new type of clients, create a new successful Profit Center for your company or even create a New Consultancy practice around this services.

Been a YCC will allow you to self-perform YouBIM BIM to FM Implementation services, that you can sell yourself or receive work sold by a YouBIM reseller. When becoming a YCC, you are immediately eligible to become a VAR or “Value Added Reseller”, that will allow you to sell the YouBIM product and so make money on software commissions as well.  To Become a VAR, please request our Standard VAR Agreement.

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