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2D/3D Viewer

Quick 2D Viewer

The YouBIM new browser agnostic viewer includes a 2D web-based Floor Plans viewer that allows to easy locating Assets, Work Orders, Alarms etc. as well as selection of Rooms, Assets and System to retrieve information. The 2D viewer allows quick switch to 3D

Powerful 3D viewer

YouBIM bowser agnostic viewer allows online streaming viewing capability of rich 3D Building Models giving the Facilities personnel a completely new level of understanding of the Building or Structures they have to operate, in seconds and without even leaving their desk. Among many uses, it allows users to turn parts of a building transparent, so they can see through walls, ceilings or floors to locate devices that they otherwise could not see or find on site. For example, turning off the walls in a corridor users have access to inspect valves buried behind layers of sheet rock and studs or isolate systems and so better understand them or analyze its performance, or figuring out the environment around an Asset that needs to be maintained to be able to take a latter or the correct equipment to perform such maintenance. All before making the trip to the facility.

These Models can be obtained from a direct import of BIM models produced during Construction or created as As-Built Models. These models can be from many sources (REVIT, Bentley, IFC, DWG, NWD, etc.). The YouBIM new powerful viewer can take large models and it has been designed with extremely easy navigation tools, inspired in the gaming industry.