Nadeem Dweib

Nadeem is a BIM specialist with a combined 9 years of experience in design and construction. His diverse skill set in the field of digital engineering allowed him to be an integral part of the largest successful project BIM implementation in the world. His enthusiasm combined with an ‘out of the box’ approach facilitated the implementation of an automated data management workflow that helped shape many project management decisions.

Nadeem’s extensive knowledge in BIM workflows enabled him to assist project managers in preparing project BIM guidelines, develop detailed methodologies for contractors and designers alike, coordinate works between many project disciplines, and oversee client requirements and coordination workshops.

Nadeem’s invaluable experience and skills allow him to foresee and address many obstacles in any project BIM strategy, which makes him a valuable asset to [organization].

Name: Nadeem Dweib

City: Abu Dhabi

Country: United Arab Emirates