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A note about COVID-19: At YouBIM, the health and well-being of our employees, clients, families and communities is our top priority. Thankfully, the YouBIM team is in good health and committed to maintaining “business-as-usual”. We’ve transitioned our entire team to work from home with the right tools to be fully operational and still give you the best experience. Be safe and anything you may need, please let us know.

YouBIM® Construction Data Environment (CDE)


YouBIM. CDE (or Construction Data Environment) makes the delivery of construction handover data Lean. It proposes a process and a platform where the information gets Collected at the moment it is created. Enabling contractors to reduce cost, improve quality, and provide complete access to real-time as-built building before Day 1 of Operations, versus the typical scene where owners receive this information several months after opening.

YouBIM CDE can provide COBie-formatted construction handover data, a “Common Data Environment” for the project team, and links available BIM data to high quality construction administration data.

It allows non COBie experts to deliver COBie as per owner requirements. It also allows other Building data structures to be seamlessly imported into any CMMS system

Versus competing products that are simply a spreadsheet on the web, YouBIM CDE is the first to integrate every-day back-office construction administration processes with BIM information.

YouBIM will provide with secure, well-structured, real-time and as-built data, reducing the costs of gathering it by proposing a Lean process, automating the production of higher-quality construction handover data.

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