Project Plans On Existing Facilities

YouBIM is not only for new construction or near-competition projects. Lots of clients are wondering how they can implement YouBIM in their existing facilities, where they may not have as-built drawings. Digital transformation is available for old facilities, and it is perhaps where it’s most needed. 

YouBIM enables visibility to everyone on site (or even off-site and across sites), by giving a centralized platform with assets and facility information. And the implementation does not have to be painful at all. 

Here we outline the basic stages of a YouBIM implementation, starting with the 3D model and moving to requirements and information gathering. This plan assumes that there will be someone on the client side who will be the point of contact for the YouBIM team, but, if the client has no staff available, we can bring someone from our team to work internally at the client’s office/plant. 

  • BIM Model

We start the project by evaluating whether or not a 3D BIM model of the facility must be built. If there’s a 3D model already available, we start from there. Otherwise, we need to know if there’re As-Built drawings to build one. 

If so, we can create the 3D model out of those drawings. If not, we can do a 3D laser scan of the facility, surveying the existing conditions and build a 3D model from that. As-built drawings can be delivered as well. 

  • Requirements and data gathering

At this stage, we work with the client to understand what’s important for them to track. We do a master list of equipment/valves/instruments that will have a unique record in YouBIM.  

Along with the client, we establish the information that will be gathered for each asset record, including the attributes they want to see, the documents they want attached to each one and the hierarchy of systems to organize them. 

  • Implementation

Our team starts working on the modeling (if any), making sure that each asset in the master list is identified. With the information provided, or team starts preparing the database with all the attributes and documents they need for each trackable asset. 

This stage is usually the longest one. Our team needs a contact on the client side to verify the information and, on the last stage, to take the picture of each piece of equipment and upload it to YouBIM

  • Review

We’ll make sure all the information is accurate on the YouBIM system, and making changes as required. 

  • Going Live

Once the model and all the information has been approved, we ‘move’ the information to a live environment, and the system is now operational. 

  • Onboarding

Our team delivers training sessions with the end users to train them in the usage of the platform. Each session is approx. 1 hour long, since the software is very intuitive and easy to use. 

Our team can also provide additional training to a team of ‘champions’, if the client wants to handle model changes to the platform in-house. These champions need to have BIM knowledge. 

Note (again!): if the client can’t provide someone as a main point of contact to help the YouBIM team with their questions, data gathering, site pictures, etc., YouBIM can provide someone to be on-site. 

If you are planning to implement YouBIM in a new facility, the sooner the better. Contact us so we can help you put together a plan and requirements that ensure a smooth flow of accurate and formatted data to your YouBIM environment.