Carriel Sur Airport

Carriel Sur International Airport is located in Talcahuano, Greater Concepción in the Bío Region, 8 km (5 mi) from Concepción downtown. It is one of the largest airports in Chile and serves domestic traffic for LATAM Airlines, JetSmart and Sky Airline. It also serves as a primary alternate airport for Arturo Merino Benitez Airport, usually receiving international traffic from Santiago when that airport is closed due to weather.

The Chilean Ministry of Transportation [MOP] requires BIM not only to be utilized for construction but has a strict requirement to deliver BIM and leverage it during Operations. Having these requirements, Chile is a pioneer in the adoption of BIM technology in the Latin-American region, where they understand the value this technology brings not only to construction planning and execution, but also during the lifecycle of the building.

A unique requirement was that the BIM for FM platform needed native Work Order Management system and to be seamlessly connected with the system the Government utilizes to check compliance of Level of Service the Operator provides in terms of Maintenance. 

With this in mind, YouBIM® came to the picture, providing the airport with an easy to use platform to track all their work in the lightweight Work Order Management module and also allowing, through YouBIM® APIs, an integration to the Government System to comply with regulatory requirements.

Today, YouBIM® is utilized on a daily basis, making facilities personal daily operations more efficient with its quick and easy access to facilities information, enabling for better preparation in preventive maintenance and rapid response to unpredicted failures.

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