To optimally integrate BIM for FM on a facility, also known as 6D or even 7D in some regions, it is best to start early on, ideally when Design is starting or even prior that. This YouBIM implementation process can also be addressed when construction ends or even after buildings has been occupied for a while. This latter situation will typically mean a more expensive Data collection process, and BIM Models may require some work to be adapted to the use cases the Operator requires. YouBIM, through his internal team or through its global implementation partners is able to bring a variety of BIM to FM Strategies. Together we are able to act as an agnostic third party to assist all parties throughout the BIM/IPD design, construction, and turnover [LOD 500] phases. It is just as important to understand that YouBIM is also able to digest As-Built models from several BIM authoring platforms such as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla, Bentley, Navisworks and other formats (plugins for some of these formats are in process of development).

The process of implementing YouBIM on your facility begins by processing the building information models or CAD into one unified 3-Dimensional Database that will live on the cloud. If you have an existing building without a BIM, you can either implement it using 2D Plans or the YouBIM Team or its network of partners can also help you by creating an As-Built BIM Modeling, utilizing as-built drawings or even surveying through 3D Laser Scanning capabilities.

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