YouBIM® Secures Investment Funding From Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc.

YouBIM® LLC, a provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions for facility management, is pleased to announce that it has secured strategic investment funding from Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS).  The funds will be used to accelerate growth through the expansion of its global sales & marketing operations.

BIM solutions have proven to be valuable in the design and construction phases but are only emerging as a facilities management tool. This partnership is expected to extend the value of BIM to owners, operators and facility managers by increasing workforce efficiency and reducing operating costs throughout the lifecycle phase by placing the power of BIM data into the hands of building owners and operators.

“For our clients, this is a natural extension of enterprise asset management.  Visual navigation of system assets enhances the user experience, creates maintenance efficiencies, and mitigates risk by improving safety. Our IoT deployment, data analytics, and augmented reality efforts will all ultimately be presented in YouBIM.  We anticipate very high adoption of this technology by our facilities management and industrial clients. ” says Jason Oney, CEO of SMS (

Meanwhile, Axel Kruger, Founder and CEO of YouBIM, says: “I am really excited about this new chapter of YouBIM. Not only will this accelerate development by allowing us to grow our team, but it also gives us a strategic partner with the knowledge and understanding of all sides of the facilities lifecycle that nobody else has. YouBIM is a spin-off of ENGworks ( and we come from the design and construction phases of the lifecycle with unparalleled BIM experience.  SMS comes from the facilities management side with nearly 20 years of experience implementing Maximo, SAP EAM, Infor EAM and other EAM applications serving the aerospace, oil & gas exploration and refinement, life sciences and healthcare industries.  We believe that this deep understanding of owners and facility managers’ needs will be one of the greatest contributions from SMS”.