Case Study

Maine General Medical Center
BIM for Facilities Management CASE STUDY

YouBIM & IBM Maximo Integration

The Challenge:

Tie YouBIM into the IBM Maximo environment (traditional static directory tree navigation). The world leading solution from IBM, Maximo is one of the most widely deployed CMMS solutions that helps manage every aspect of facility management. YouBIM is a SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud based solution that brings an integrated database and immediate access to facility information through an easy-to-navigate 3D/BIM (Building Information Modeling) interface.


The story

Maine General Medical Center is a 640,000 SF, 192-bed hospital new hospital facility built in Augusta, Maine. This LEED Gold certified project was designed and built through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract approach. Construction was completed 10 months ahead of schedule, which allowed the hospital to plow $20 Million dollars of value added construction savings back into the project. Total Construction Cost was of $215 Million. With medical equipment and all soft costs, total project cost was $322 Million.

When Robins & Morton (a top 10 ENR rated health care Contractor) and H.P. Cummings teamed up to build this large project, they knew they wanted to take BIM to the next level. Streamlining the construction process was paramount for both Robins & Morton and H.P. Cummings, but they wanted to leave their customer something more. Collaborating with their customer, they began to define larger goals.

For the Medical Center, one of the key benefits of the Integrated Project Delivery method was to be left with a rich BIM to Facility Management (FM) integration that would continue to return dividends throughout the life of the facility. Integration of various 3D models was a major focus, but flexibility was critical.

The key parameters for integration of the disparate information became:

  • Ease of use
  • Smooth 3D navigation
  • Scalability
  • Seamless integration between Maximo and the 3D models.

The Medical Center also wanted to have a platform that could assist with disaster planning and integration of the Building Automation System (BAS).

After a national search, ENGworks and YouBIM® was selected as the ideal team with the ideal product to get the job done. Together with the design, construction and Medical Center teams, the YOUBIM Team integrated all BIM models from the various design and subcontracting team members during the construction phase.

The multi-discipline team collaboration leveraged the full power of YOUBIM®, which enabled multiple platforms of BIM/CAD authoring software, as well as all other data sources, to be fully integrated into a single 3D model.

Further leveraging the power of YOUBIM, IBM Maximo was populated with rich BIM data to leverage Maximo’s facility management features. Maine General relies on IBM Maximo to manage all of their existing facilities and they were committed to deploying it on this flagship property as well. IBM Maximo is a widely deployed CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that helps manage facilities assets.

By integrating IBM Maximo seamlessly with YouBIM, the user experience is like using a single BIM/FM software program. Users get the full benefit of easily navigating the building in a virtual online landscape with access to full BIM asset information, while getting the benefit of a powerful asset management system.

On completion of the work, all users had simple and fast access to all asset information that had been integrated into the entire project. Everyone from administrators to janitorial staff can use the information that was compiled.

Based on both national studies and internal estimates, Maine General Medical Center expects to save between $185,000 & $225,000 a year in operating cost versus the traditional manual paper workflow.

It is Maine General’s belief that by using the YOUBIM® 3D model for facility engineering, facility technicians and staff get immediate locational information about a problem in their building, along with complete products specifications, warranties, maintenance procedures, design data, etc. Additionally, they can access the power of IBM Maximo’s Work Orders, Inspections, Preventive Maintenance functionalities.