Why YouBIM

  • What if you could immediately know where exactly is the valve you need to shut down in order to stop a leak, because you know every minute counts! 
  • What if your Maintenance Technician could dramatically increase their understanding of the asset he is about to maintain as well as its related systems, upstream and downstream impacts? 
  • What if you could count on a tool that drastically accelerates onboarding and improves facilities’ understanding for new maintenance personnel? 

It’s called YouBIM  and gives Operators instant access to facilities information through and very easy to use 2D and 3D interface. 

Why 2D and 3D viewers? Why BIM? 

BIM models are very powerful databases that are typically shelved and never used again after construction handover.  And Maintenance Engineers are going back to the pile of paper drawings, P&ID’s, Specs etc. Typically, very inaccessible information, often out of date and requiring too much time to retrieve when needed. 

There’s no question about savings accomplished by the utilization of BIM technology during design and construction, but, in the lifecycle of the building or plant, these stages only represent 20% of the cost. With 80% of the lifecycle cost spent during operations, YouBIM leverages BIM models focusing on saving money during operation  

Inspiration behind YouBIM 

YouBIM is like a Google Maps for a facility: it tells you the what (attributes, history, specs, warranty info, etc.) and the where (Location) of the assets within your facility. And, like Google Maps, the end user does not need any kind of special training to use YouBIM.  

YouBIM is an intuitive platform to have all the facility’s information centralized, digitalized, and accessed from anywhere. Users can quickly find any piece of equipment, room, or system and retrieve the relevant information with just a few clicks. 

YouBIM has been designed to focus on one principle: SIMPLICITY 

Managers can develop training on top of YouBIM for better absorption and retention of information. Technicians can troubleshoot more quickly and plan their maintenance tasks more efficiently, knowing exactly what they have to work at, where it is located, and the impact in other systems/assets.  

For anyone who needs it and wherever the person may be, facility information is just one click away. 

YouBIM was created by the joint expertise of SMS (Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc) and ENGworks. Together they combine over 20 years of Enterprise asset management solutions implementations, more than 15 years of true BIM lifecycle expertise and employ more than 340 professionals.