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A note about COVID-19: At YouBIM, the health and well-being of our employees, clients, families and communities is our top priority. Thankfully, the YouBIM team is in good health and committed to maintaining “business-as-usual”. We’ve transitioned our entire team to work from home with the right tools to be fully operational and still give you the best experience. Be safe and anything you may need, please let us know.

Why YouBIM

International studies estimate that about 80% of the total cost of the building’s lifecycle is spent during Operations and only 20% during Design and Construction. These numbers support our focus on searching for inefficiencies during Facilities Management while leveraging what BIM can offer to owners and operators.

YouBIM software can contribute across many aspects during the lifecycle of buildings and this is especially true regarding two main inefficiencies. The first resolved inefficiency consists of all of the lost building data during the transfer process from design through construction and handover, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted in gathering information that was previously collected and generated and not transferred efficiently. Secondly, a resolution to the waste of time a facilities work force spends trying to find critical information regarding assets or systems in order to be able to perform essential maintenance. This effort typically consists of having to dig into disperse or inaccessible folders, rolls of plans, CD’s, etc.

Not having good easily accessible Asset data can have a direct consequence of poor Asset maintenance which will lead to higher utility bills, unpredicted failures, shorter Assets lifespan, higher replacement costs and unhappy occupants, etc.

BIM alone does not solve this problem. Even with the possession of great BIM models (Revit, Bentley, DWG, IFC, Tekla…) from Construction Handover, Facilities Operators are typically not BIM Software experts and they should not have to be able to quickly access the essential asset information created during the design and construction process. Having to access these models from specific computers with specific software installed should also never be a requirement.

Why not have a software that is as simple as a Yelp® or Google Maps® for your Facility?

That is what YouBIM is, but instead of looking for a restaurant or a hotel along with corresponding information such as reviews hours of operation or location imagery, you will be locating valuable facility equipment/asset information in 2D or 3D. Such information could consist of work management information, or understanding and visualization of a system and components, equipment/asset information and physical location and real time performance data (BMS) within your facility in seconds.

All this can happen through an intuitive application, which can be accessed from anywhere, does not require software or plugin installations and does not require special training.

YouBIM is a very open platform in respect to its ability to integrate with a wide variety of legacy FM systems (CMMS or CAFM) and also has the ability to integrate with facility BMS or IoT, making this data easily accessible and able to be used.

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