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A note about COVID-19: At YouBIM, the health and well-being of our employees, clients, families and communities is our top priority. Thankfully, the YouBIM team is in good health and committed to maintaining “business-as-usual”. We’ve transitioned our entire team to work from home with the right tools to be fully operational and still give you the best experience. Be safe and anything you may need, please let us know.

YouBIM® Viewer for IBM Maximo®


  • Quickly Locate Data: YouBIM integration with Maximo can contain all relative equipment data such as: Warranty info, Model, Serial, Manufacturer, Vendor, Spare or Alternate Parts, Tech Specs, O&M Manuals, P&IDs/Schematics, Work History…etc. 
  • Visual Analysis of Space: Locate the exact location of concealed assets (sub terrain or equipment located at heights such as piping, Relief valves, Actuated valves…) 
  • What will be needed? Will I need a ladder, lift, fall protection to access this shut off valve? What type of permitting, is this a confined space? The physical location & understanding of the equipment surroundings is often overlooked. Identification of the correct asset(s) while also considering proper tools required and safety specifications of the location (confined space, fall protection required… SCBA req’d) is critical for efficient & safe work 
  • Confirmation: Visually confirm assets to be worked on – several transfer pumps or shutdown valves in one area? Virtually confirm the correct one is to be shut off or have work performed. 
  • Not fully understanding Maximo naming conventions – A Tech can access the viewer, virtually look at the asset they were standing in front of, without having to know a unique ID or even a description for the equipment, and generate a Work Order for that Asset. 
  • View System Extents: Isolate & Explore entire systems and see what may be affected downstream of a potential shutdown or failure OR for: 
  • Opportunistic Maintenance: e.g.: Since this compressor needs to be shut down for corrective maintenance, now may be a good time for some preventive maintenance on a few inlet/outlet shutdown valves or some density testing on some pulsation bottles. 

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