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YouBIM® Viewer for IBM Maximo®


  • Quickly Locate Data: YouBIM integration with Maximo can contain all relative equipment data such as: Warranty info, Model, Serial, Manufacturer, Vendor, Spare or Alternate Parts, Tech Specs, O&M Manuals, P&IDs/Schematics, Work History…etc. 
  • Visual Analysis of Space: Locate the exact location of concealed assets (sub terrain or equipment located at heights such as piping, Relief valves, Actuated valves…) 
  • What will be needed? Will I need a ladder, lift, fall protection to access this shut off valve? What type of permitting, is this a confined space? The physical location & understanding of the equipment surroundings is often overlooked. Identification of the correct asset(s) while also considering proper tools required and safety specifications of the location (confined space, fall protection required… SCBA req’d) is critical for efficient & safe work 
  • Confirmation: Visually confirm assets to be worked on – several transfer pumps or shutdown valves in one area? Virtually confirm the correct one is to be shut off or have work performed. 
  • Not fully understanding Maximo naming conventions – A Tech can access the viewer, virtually look at the asset they were standing in front of, without having to know a unique ID or even a description for the equipment, and generate a Work Order for that Asset. 
  • View System Extents: Isolate & Explore entire systems and see what may be affected downstream of a potential shutdown or failure OR for: 
  • Opportunistic Maintenance: e.g.: Since this compressor needs to be shut down for corrective maintenance, now may be a good time for some preventive maintenance on a few inlet/outlet shutdown valves or some density testing on some pulsation bottles. 


There are two out-of-the-box options to deploy YouBIM. The simpler one is on the cloud, having access from anywhere just with an internet connection. In this case, the client would pay for an annual license according to the size of the building, with the benefit of unlimited number of users.

However, if there are strict security requirements in place, which do not allow for cloud applications to be used, YouBIM can be deployed on-premises. In this case, we install YouBIM in the client’s servers and users can access when connected to the intranet. So in this instance, there is an upfront fee and then a maintenance fee paid per year. The fee is flat, meaning that it does not consider either size of the facility or number of users.

Regarding updates and when remodels or new projects are implemented in the plant, our team can apply those changes to the YouBIM environment, making sure it remains the source of truth and an accurate representation of reality.

Onboarding costs

In order to start using YouBIM, there needs to be an implementation process. This process consists on working with existing models (if there are, otherwise we built them for you) to get them FM-ready, data and requirements gathering for ensuring the implementation fulfill the client’s needs and is leveraged to its maximum, setting views, uploading information, QA, and so on.

This cost will depend on the amount of work to be done and, if the client has the capabilities, it can be done in house. The whole process and best practices explained in detail in our YouBIM Certified Consultant Course.

For more information about YouBIM being implemented on different facilities, check our portfolio section.

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