Power IBM Maximo
with 3D Visualization

Increase productivity by reducing complexity

Our “Operations View” combines information from sensors, asset health, alarms, open work orders and more. Leveraging a Digital Twin has never been easier.

Quickly access all your asset information
Forget about complex naming conventions in IBM Maximo, just double click on the asset through a 3D model and find all related data.

Visual confirmation and spatial analysis
No more guesswork or unnecessary trips to the field. Assess the asset location and access beforehand with our 3D viewer.

Facility training aid
Understanding relationships between assets has never been simpler. Save time with virtual walkdowns and enhance retention during trining sessions.

Why choose YouBIM

  • Cloud or On-premise deployment option: YouBIM can be installed on-premise to comply with strict security standards.
  • Intuitive interface: our platform is built for those who may not have a background in architecture or engineering. It adds a new layer of simplicity to your Maximo Interface.
  • Live sensor data display: you can break down the information per system, type of sensor or custom grouping. Live sensor data gives you a snapshot of your facility in a couple of clicks.

Companies that leverage our Digital Twin for Maintenance

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