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YouBIM® BIM for FM. Buildings

At its core, YouBIM® is a web-based Software, available both in the Cloud and On-Premises, which extends the value of BIM [Building Information Modeling] through to the Buildings Lifecycle by giving owners an integrated database and immediate access to location and asset information through an easy-to-navigate web-based 2D/3D-BIM interface… 

It incorporates a light work order management module, allowing the user to track corrective maintenance and also to plan predictive maintenance, being able to visualize this in a calendar format. For small and mid-sized facilities, this is usually enough to move from Excel-tracking into a cloud-based platform, that notifies the users of the work to be done through email and syncs his assigned Work Orders to his Google, Apple or Outlook Calendar. 

Having simplicity at its main focus in user experience design, YouBIM provides a powerful search engine, along with filtering and navigation options, that allow the user to quickly find what he is looking for, even without knowing the tag name of the equipment. This enables quick troubleshooting, and can save millions of dollars by letting the users know which valve to shut down before the carpet is all wet and ruined in a hospitality facility.  

Furthermore, linking drawings, warranties and specifications from the equipment and main systems, the manager always has the information he needs at his fingertips, accessing the browser from his laptop or iPad device. 

How does information go from BIM documents to YouBIM? 

At construction handover Owners receive a mix bag of CAD and BIM models including Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Fabrication CADMEP, Bentley AECOsimArchiCAD, Tekla, etc., or maybe a federated Navisworks coordination model. Having these models is very helpful versus only having traditional As Built Drawings, but Operators end up never using them.  

Facility managers or technicians are typically not BIM experts and they should not need to be. BIM software tools are complex and are meant for another purpose, design and construction. YouBIM integrates these 3D models from different sources into an extremely easy to use 2D/3D interface, by exporting the data from the BIM models and uploading it to the cloud. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement YouBIM and you have BIM capabilities in house, check out our YouBIM Certified Consultant Course


For seamless workflows, YouBIM has flexible integration capabilities to connect with other software used in the facility such as CMMS/EAM software (i.e.: IBM Maximo, SAP EAM, TMA Systems, etc.), BMS & IoT, Document Management Systems, etc. 

Without any need of custom implementation, YouBIM has a feature called external links, allowing for each asset to have a link that takes you out of YouBIM and into the right location within the destination software and vice versa. Some examples of this may be: Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox or any other software that can provide a URL. 

On the other hand, for more custom integrations, YouBIM has an open API. 

For more information about YouBIM being implemented at airports, banks, stadiums, industrial plants and other facilities, check our Portfolio section.

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