YouBIM is the most robust solution in the market that brings the power of Building Information Modeling into the hands of the Owner, with the simplicity owners need.  BIM has revolutionized the building industry by enabling complex models full of data to be used during both design and construction. These BIM files represent both graphically and data wise a virtual copy of your property, the value of YouBIM is that it allows you the owner/operator the ability to use these virtual files in your day-to-day operations.

With YouBIM’s unique online 2D/3D representation of your property, you not only know the exact location of a device that needs maintenance but you also can understand the working environment with the use of the model.

YouBIM helps you immediately find that valve when there is a leak that would have cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or that Electrical panel that feeds that building area that is on a power shut down.

YouBIM also helps prepare for preventive maintenance tasks, by helping you plan activities in a smarter way, and for example not have to build scaffolding twice or three times, because you did not know that a few weeks later, after you unfolded you need scaffolding again to access the same area!

This navigation model allows technicians to understand the system functions and characteristics accelerating training and lowering risk by preparing better for maintenance.