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YouBIM® BIM for FM. Industrial

In simple words, YouBIM provides intuitive access to digitalized and centralized information of the industrial plant. 

We see three main challenges in the current industrial environment: 

  • Poor quality or not enough training – The maintenance staff does not have a strong knowledge about equipment and processes that take place in the plant. 
  • Downtime – Lacking tools and not having quickly access to simple information make troubleshooting more difficult 
  • Inefficient planning of maintenance tasks, not fully optimizing the maintenance strategy. 

In this scenario, YouBIM has approached these challenges with a holistic solution: easy and quick access to information. 

Nowadays, industrial plants may have their information up to date, but even when they do, it is not organized around equipment or key processes happening in the facility. 

That is where YouBIM can help. We help organizations ‘go digital’ by providing a BIM model of the as-built conditions, whether it is done through scanning or modeling from up to date drawings. 

Then, we go one step further, we organize all the documentation of the facility around key equipment and processes, to enable a Google Maps-kind of access to it. We coordinate with the maintenance and engineering team to make sure all relevant information is digitized and available with just one click. We get real-life pictures of equipment to link to the 3D models, to help operators locate what they’re looking for. 

What our clients say: 

  • ‘Having a 3D model with a full isometric of the system, people can absorb and retain the knowledge much more effectively that they can by using a schematic drawing’ 
  • ‘YouBIM can help us to be very reactive to emergency scenarios, we can utilize the model to actually develop scenarios within operations, things that could go wrong, and train our people in how to react’ 
  • ‘Quickly isolating systems and identifying critical components, can save hundreds of dollars in manufacturing facilities’ 
  • ‘You can quickly filter just what you want to see and quickly figure out where things are going and how it actually works. That’s a big bonus here, we can see what we’re going for and where it’s at, instead of going out there and wander aimlessly’ 

For more information about YouBIM being implemented at Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Gas Storage Plants, and more industrial facilities check our portfolio section.

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