YouBIM® BIM for FM. Industrial

YouBIM provides intuitive access to digitalized and centralized information of the industrial plant. The industrial environment is undergoing the following three challenges:

  • Poor quality or not enough training – Maintenance technicians do not have a strong knowledge about equipment and processes that take place in the plant.
  • Downtime – Lacking tools and not having quickly access to information makes troubleshooting more difficult, resulting in longer downtimes.
  • Inefficient planning of maintenance tasks, resulting in lower wrench time.

As an engineer or maintenance manager, your job is to remove obstacles so your team can execute the strategy and keep the plant running smoothly.
With YouBIM you can do just that, giving your crew easy and quick access to information, with a Digital tool that requires little or no training.

Go digital

Industrial plants may have their information up-to-date, but even if they do, it is not organized around equipment or key processes.

That is where YouBIM jumps in. We help organizations go digital by providing a 3D BIM model of the as-built conditions, whether the plant is a few years old, or a hundred years old.

After that, we go one step further and we integrate all the information of your assets, such as attributes, documents, P&IDs, O&M Manuals, Warranties, SOPs, etc., enabling a Google Maps-kind

of access to it. We coordinate with the maintenance and engineering team to make sure all relevant information is digitized and available with just one click. We also get real-life pictures of equipment to link to the 3D models, helping operators locate what they are looking for faster.

The Platform: Key features

  • 2D and 3D visualization

Powerful visuals that allow the user to identify equipment, valves, instruments, as well as its surroundings.

Through a visual analysis of the space, the technician can identify the exact location of concealed assets (sub-terrain or at heights), and understand considerations related to safety, space availability, impact upstream and downstream, etc.

  • Powerful search engine

Users can find information faster without knowing the exact asset record id. Our search bar queries through systems, subsystems, assets, attributes, types and rooms.

  • Access to asset information

Once the asset has been identified, the user can retrieve its information, attributes or attached documents. Going back and forth between the viewers and the information is quick and easy.

  • Process understanding through systems and subsystems

Information is organized around systems and subsystems, allowing the user to isolate only the isometrics she wants to see while providing a quick overview of the process. Systems can also be organized around functions, a higher-level system, that merges several systems within the same process.

External links and API’s for integration

Add a new layer of simplicity to your processes. If you already have your documents in a Document Management System, YouBIM can add links in each piece of equipment so your technicians can jump out to the other system. Same thing with any other systems that has a unique URL (web hosted).

Now, if you want to integrate YouBIM with a BMS, CMMS, EAM or any other system that you are currently using, we have open APIs and the technical knowledge to get it done. You can check our APIs and Integration section for more information.

What our clients say:

  • ‘Having a 3D model with a full isometric of the system, people can absorb and retain the knowledge much more effectively than they can by using a schematic drawing’
  • ‘YouBIM can help us be very reactive to emergency scenarios, we can utilize the model to actually develop scenarios within operations, things that could go wrong, and train our people in how to react’
  • ‘Quickly isolating systems and identifying critical components, can save hundreds of dollars in manufacturing facilities’
  • ‘You can quickly filter just what you want to see and quickly figure out where things are going and how it actually works. That is a big bonus here, we can see what we are going for and where it is at, instead of going out there and wander aimlessly’


There are two out-of-the-box options to deploy YouBIM. The simpler one is on the cloud, having access from anywhere just with an internet connection. In this case, the client would pay for an annual license according to the size of the building, with the benefit of unlimited number of users.

However, if there are strict security requirements in place, which do not allow for cloud applications to be used, YouBIM can be deployed on-premises. In this case, we install YouBIM in the client’s servers and users can access when connected to the intranet. So in this instance, there is an upfront fee and then a maintenance fee paid per year. The fee is flat, meaning that it does not consider either size of the facility or number of users.

Regarding updates and when remodels or new projects are implemented in the plant, our team can apply those changes to the YouBIM environment, making sure it remains the source of truth and an accurate representation of reality

Onboarding costs

In order to start using YouBIM, there needs to be an implementation process. This process consists on working with existing models (if there are, otherwise we built them for you) to get them FM-ready, data and requirements gathering for ensuring the implementation fulfill the client’s needs and is leveraged to its maximum, setting views, uploading information, QA, and so on.

This cost will depend on the amount of work to be done and, if the client has the capabilities, it can be done in house.

For more information about YouBIM being implemented at Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Gas Storage Plants, and more industrial facilities check our portfolio section.