Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power Plant

Project Description:
The Yacyretá Dam or Jasyretâ-Apipé Hydroelectric Power Station is a dam and hydroelectric power plant built over the waterfalls of Jasyretâ-Apipé in the Paraná River, between the Argentine Province of Corrientes and the Paraguayan city of Ayolas, one of the largest in Latin America.
The dam is about 2,600 ft. (800 m2) long and its installed equipment has a maximum power output of 3,100 megawatts (4,200,000 hp), with a record maximum annual power output of 20.000 TWh. This giant hydroelectric plant was constructed during the 80s and started to be operational mid-90s.

YouBIM®, together with the University of Misiones were selected to implement BIM for FM software on their entire plant, integrated with IBM Maximo, on-premises, to manage more than 35,000 maintainable assets on the project.

First, a REVIT As-Built model was created. The relevant data was partly in IBM Maximo and partly dispersed thus it will need to be collected and organized.

After a successful pilot YouBIM® implementation on one of their maneuver stations, the facility operators decided to implement it on the entire plant.
The main benefits were quick access to their asset data and location information. This brings improvements to the efficiency of their maintenance department by reducing equipment failures that cause emergency repairs. Ultimately, this is leading to longer equipment lives by providing better preventive maintenance and less equipment replacement.

The facility is currently going through an upgrade of IBM Maximo, so the YouBIM® team is helping them set up everything for the integration.

Services Provided:

  • As-Built REVIT Modeling of Concrete Structures, Piping, Equipment and Electrical for Operations purposes
  • Implementation of YouBIM Software (BIM for FM) – IBM Maximo Integration

Location: Argentina |
Client: Confidential

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