Introducing our new interface and why it will make everything simpler than ever 

YouBIM is an application that uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) models for Facility Management, whether that’s enhancing an existing CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) or as a standalone.  

BIM models are created in specialized design and coordination software, such as the popular Revit from Autodesk, so making them available (and useful) for the Operations and Maintenance teams comes with a series of challenges. That’s what YouBIM has been solving for years: simplifying availability of information and BIM models.  

What is the new interface and why did we create it? 

Our main users are maintenance managers and technicians, not architects and engineers, so we’ve designed our interface with the maintenance crews in mind. Over the years, we’ve gathered feedback that has helped us enhance our platform, making sure we’re delivering value by hearing our users’ opinions firsthand.  

A couple of months ago we embarked on a new journey. Recent technology and user experience trends presented us with a huge opportunity: making YouBIM faster, better and most importantly, simpler than ever. We decided it was time for a substantial change! 

The main goal was to deliver even more value to our users, so this was built around their feedback. We adjusted every new design iteration based on our users’ feedback because, at the end of the day, they’re the ones who rely on our application for their daily tasks. We didn’t want to make something prettier; we wanted to make our users’ lives easier.  

And now we’re ready to share our new interface with the rest of the world! 

This is always work in progress: we will NEVER STOP INNOVATING. We’re always looking for new feedback, technologies and use cases to improve our product. 

What has changed? 

First, rest assured that we’ve kept all our features. We’re on a beta version, so more features are coming soon. Find below some guidance: 

  • Visualizing asset information
  • WO list
  • Rooms list: The rooms lis
  • The rooms list is now called “locations”.  You can access it through the applications bar on the left.

Why does the new interface make YouBIM simpler than ever? 

We’ve cleaned the interface by removing the different modules and making the information available on top of the viewer. This enables:  

  • Faster navigation: users don’t need to go back and forth to find the info they’re looking for.  
  • 3D/2D visualization as a background: consult information without losing the visuals  
  • Better insights: this new interface allows the user to combine information from diverse sources and applications. For example: the users can see open work orders for a specific system while consulting the real-time reading from the BMS system for the critical components within the system.

In summary, we make the application more efficient by centralizing the viewer with easy access to information without leaving 2d/3d views. The other key part was to bring forth the viewers’ capability to ingest and display/overlay external system information (EAM, CMMS, BMS, etc.) to help drive analysis & decision making. 

We continue with our original vision to supply prompt, easy access to the facility’s information. We are sure that this new interface will move us in the right direction.

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